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Financial planning is a life-long process that assists you, your family and possibly your business in taking control of your financial future. Peachtree Planning offers a specialized approach to total wealth management by adhering to the belief that no single advisor can specialize in all facets of financial planning. At the heart of our philosophy is the fundamental belief that specialized knowledge and expertise will ultimately produce a superior and higher quality total wealth management strategy. Peachtree Planning offers a wide array of financial services. Please browse through the links below to learn more about our specific capabilities.

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Insurance Planning |

The importance of proper protection within the context of a larger financial plan cannot be overstated. In today’s world, there are numerous eroding factors that have the potential to partially or completely derail one’s path towards financial success. By properly structuring a comprehensive insurance plan, the potential loss from such risks can often be eliminated or greatly minimized.

At Peachtree Planning, we firmly believe that optimizing a client’s protection strategy must be accomplished before any consideration can be given towards achieving their financial objectives. To do otherwise would leave our clients exposed to potentially devastating risks.

The general concept of insurance is simple enough – protection against possible loss. But what does that really mean when we address life insurance? Most people think in terms of protecting income: financial security for loved ones in the event of premature death. That’s the story that everyone knows. But while that is an important part of life insurance, it’s really only the beginning.

Investment Planning |

Today, more and more investors are looking for one financial professional to service all of their financial needs. Whether you’re buying a new home, protecting your family, preserving and growing your assets, planning for a child’s education, or saving for retirement, our financial professionals are ready to help you develop an objective, customized approach to address your full array of financial protection, investment and retirement needs.

At Peachtree Planning, we know that investment planning is a very important part of a solid overall financial plan. We also know that investment planning is not a one-size-fits-all science, which is why it is imperative that our associates have the flexibility to tailor a sound strategy around each individual client’s unique circumstances.

Retirement Distribution Planning |

Perhaps the most underserved area of the financial planning industry, this realm of planning is set to explode as America’s baby boomers enter retirement with billions of dollars of hard earned assets ready to be tapped for their post-working years. In this phase of wealth, rate of return takes a much-deserved backseat to proper structure of assets when it comes to optimal distribution.

At Peachtree Planning, we have specialized in intelligent Distribution Planning for over 20 years. As guaranteed pensions and employer-paid retirement plans become obsolete, distribution planning becomes all the more critical for those wishing to get the most out of their retirement assets.

Perhaps more importantly, proper planning in this phase of life is needed to ensure that our clients can live a fulfilling retirement, with no fear of ever running out of money.

Education Planning |

The cost of higher education is increasing year after year, running well ahead of inflation. At some prestigious private colleges and universities, the cost of one year’s education, including room and board, can be in excess of hundreds of thousands. And, with many professions requiring graduate degrees, it quickly becomes apparent that very few families may be able to cover education expenses out of their current incomes. With only one child, the costs can be prohibitive; for families with three or more children, college and graduate school costs could make education unattainable.

How can a family build a fund for college? They need to look ahead and prepare a “blueprint” as early as possible, and there are a number of ways to do this. The best method will depend on the age of the child, the family’s resources and cash needs, and a number of other considerations.

Most importantly, any plan for education funding must be coordinated with a family’s overall financial strategy.

Estate Planning |

The primary purpose of estate planning is to ensure an orderly transfer of property to whomever you see fit. Without a strategy to accomplish this, your heirs might encounter problems including an inappropriate distribution of your assets, the care for minor children left in the hands of a court, settlement costs and administrative fees that deplete the value of your estate.

A common error people make is to assume that estate planning only refers to dying. In fact, an important part of estate planning is to take the appropriate steps to ensure management of your financial affairs if you become disabled or terminally ill.

Let one of Peachtree Planning’s Estate Planning Specialists assess the strength of your current wealth transfer strategy.

Business Planning |

Implementing the right business planning strategies enables business owners to worry less and spend more time focusing on their most important job: Running their business!

Whether you are looking for insurance, retirement products and services or investments, part of what you’ll need to consider will be incentives – like rewarding your employees and top executives with benefits and bonuses. And, part of what you’ll need to manage is the unexpected – like maintaining business continuity during a disability of yourself or one of your employees, or upon the death of a business partner.

At Peachtree Planning, we have in-house specialists who are well equipped to address the growing financial needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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